Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mmmmm ... Tasty!

Finally, I was able to get back to the keyboard. I know my (human) dad thinks that I just play games here, and I know he has been so busy this past week working on taxes that he hasn’t let me near the computer. I don’t really know what taxes are… except they must be something pretty awful. He kept saying “This stinks. This really stinks.” Guess taxes are something like that little pile I made on the floor at Puppy School the other night. More about Puppy School later.

Being banished the past week from the computer, allowed me to think. I’ve got a pretty active mind and my (human) mom says I’m always thinking up something new. In fact, not only thinking of something new, but trying new things.

Monday night I got to meet three new puppies and lots of new people. Puppy School, I’m told is necessary In order for me to grow up and be an outstanding canine citizen.

As I said, I’m pretty good at thinking. For me, it’s “Thinking Outside my Crate.” (A future in self-improvement seminars maybe?) On my mind lately: What would I want in a new toy? Right now I’m teething, so something I can really bite into would be good. And good taste wouldn’t hurt either.

Paul & Judy have some suggestions for you about marketing using things that taste good. Every time your clients enjoy the quality tasty items branded with your business’ name, they’ll think of you. Remember those little boxes of Beechies gum? You can get your logo on those. Popcorn tins. Packs of hard candy. Custom logo’d mints. And then of course there’s nuts or chocolate. Although these all sound so good, they’re not canine friendly. However, they are very much people-friendly. And you’ll make lots of business friends if you use them. Chew on that for awhile!

Editor’s comment: Haven’t told Auggie about them, because he’ll beg but… Individually wrapped and logo’d pet treats are now available. If you have clients with pets or pet customers, you’ll want to find out more about these! Just don't let Auggie know! :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Right Stick

I just woke up from a nap during which I dreamt of sticks. I like sticks. Spring is a great time to find new sticks, twigs, branches. All shapes and sizes. Some of those little pieces of wood look better than they taste. One bite and yuck – I’ll leave those for the birds or squirrels to play with. Although, I have been intrigued by big sticks, sometimes they just aren’t the right fit. I’ve been known to try to pull – as my human dad call’s it, a half a tree around in the front yard. When I get finished, I think it’s more likely the stick had more fun than I did. The perfect stick is one that I can easily carry, and makes me feel bigger than I really am.

Advertising promotions companies are somewhat like the sticks I find in the yard. Promotional advertising companies come in all flavors and sizes. Some are very big and impersonal. Other small time operators are here today and gone tomorrow. And some are just right. Small enough to give the service you deserve and large enough to offer the variety and expertise that you need. Choosing an advertising promotions’ specialist doesn’t have to be difficult. Just go to and tell them Auggie sent you. (If you tell them I, Auggie, sent you, they may have a special treat for you.) You’ll find that they have the experience and credentials to make your next advertising promotions project a success!

Well I got another stick to chew on… a bully stick.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Finding My Voice

I’ve been told that I’m really finding my voice – I guess it is attention getting. Each of my melodious sounds – whimper, cry, bark – has its own significance, at least to me. I’m experimenting right now to see which one will get me the most treats.

Are you experimenting in your business or organization to see what methods work best in grabbing the attention of your customers? I’ve been told that TV and lots of other advertising mediums are like my annoying bark. My annoying bark interrupts things like phone calls and important conversations and doesn’t win a whole of favor with my mom and dad either. I’m thinking that advertising that interrupts something people are enjoying isn’t going to necessarily win you lots of treats—as in new customers.

On the other paw, a subtle little whimper seems to really get my mom and dad interested -- and I get a lotta loving – translate treats -- when I choose that voice. Promotional products are kinda that way. They are small, practical, and the only advertising medium that will get you a thank you from your customers or clients. From what I’ve seen they all look like fun toys to me. And I always love new toys to play with. Talk to Paul or Judy and check out the website to learn more.

That’s it for this time. I gotta get back to chewing on my bully stick. Chew On!

Monday, March 26, 2012

First Thoughts

Long before I was even a whimper in my mom’s thoughts, dogs like us have been used to market stuff. For example, I’ve been told that Nissan capitalized on our love of trucks. Some funny dog by the name of Clark Griswald – of YouTube (whatever that is) fame – got a stint doing a commercial for Esurance. And best of all, one of Geico’s (that sounds like some salamander) first silly commercials employed an Airedale, just like me. Well, we canines may not only be “Man’s best friend,” but we’re also marketing’s “Best Accomplice.”

It has taken me a couple of weeks living under the same roof as Paul and Judy and being surrounded by Ad Quest Promotions every day to understand my purpose in life: to teach them a thing or two about advertising. And since I’m into sharing, I’m writing this dog blog as a testimony of my puppy love for each and every one of you to enjoy and hopefully find something helpful.

Call me Auggie. In the past two weeks I, Auggie Doggie, your faithful guide, have learned a few things. First and foremost, I’ve learned “Who’s the Boss.” Yes, it is company president, Judy. But I also think I’m doing pretty good with my name; to sit on command and to come when I’m called.

Somehow this all has to be applicable to the advertising world. What is it? you ask. Well, chew on this...

  1. Know who’s boss. The old adage that the customer is always right really means that your customer is boss. If you introduce a new product or service and it bombs, it’s because “The Boss” - your customers - didn’t like it, need it or want it. Are your clients, customers or buyer-decision makers men or women or dogs? Are they young or old or all ages? So “Know who’s boss, and market to them.
  2. Know your name. Of course you know your company’s name. But do your potential clients know your company name? The McDonald’s “Golden Arches” didn’t become a household name overnight. The Coca-Cola lettering wasn’t known until it was seen a few million times. The “good hands” of Allstate weren’t symbolic of the brand until buyers were exposed to it many times. How well do your potential customers “Know your name.”
  3. Know when and how to respond. Do you need to thank your customers for their business? Should your customers be offered an incentive to buy? Visit your Facebook page? Stop in your booth at a Trade Show?

At 10 weeks, I’m still learning lots of new stuff. I’m pretty sure though, that I was born to sniff out the deals to help promote your business or organization. Sit. Stay. Come back.